Protecting Biodiversity and Species on the Brink of Extinction

Project Peril is committed to protecting endangered species through holistic and hands-on wildlife conservation efforts.

A Greater Good Charities Signature Program, Project Peril is dedicated to the conservation of species identified as in peril, threatened, endangered or close to extinction throughout the world.

Humans are one in more than 1 million species. Yet our existence has marked our planet, leaving many species on the brink of extinction, 30-50% of which might be gone by mid-century. Biodiversity is crucial to our planet’s survival and rapid loss rates endanger it and everything living within it.

One in Five Species on Earth Now Faces Extinction

Global biodiversity is declining at an alarming rate. In order to combat this, Project Peril works with our partners on the ground to:

  • Rescue animals from illegal trafficking
  • Train & employ locals to protect their habitats from illegal deforestation and animal poaching
  • Help ensure natural migration corridors of numerous species remain uninterrupted
  • Protect and restore species’ natural habitats through land protection and reforestation
  • Provide cohabitation education to reduce retaliation against species
  • Build sanctuaries for endangered animals to safely live out the remainder of their days

From protecting and exploring the Madrean Sky Islands in North America to protecting the Sumatran Rhino in Asia, our projects reach the most vulnerable species across the globe.

Where We Focus Our Efforts

We work in strategic areas with a need for biodiversity protection. This includes areas that span biodiversity hotspots that are home to unique species not found anywhere else. Conservation, education, and protection are crucial to protect the endangered species of flora and fauna in these areas.

Learn More About Our Priority Regions

Learn why these areas are important to protect and what we are doing to protect them.
North America  |   Central & South America  |   Africa  |   Asia and Europe  |   The Asian Islands & Australasia  |   The Oceans

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