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URGENT – Save the Cheetah from Approaching Extinction

80700_1000_2The cheetah, famous for its speed (up to 75 mph) and striking beauty, is now Africa’s most endangered cat, with only 7,100 in the wild today according to a new study led by the Zoological Society of London, the Wildlife Conservation Society, and Panthera. The cheetah is endangered for a number of reasons: habitat loss (77% of cheetah habitat is currently unprotected; human conflict (farmers will kill cheetahs that have eaten livestock in desperation as their natural prey base decreases); and the most alarming threat to the survival of the cheetah—the illegal cheetah trade.

The illegal cheetah trade has grown at a shocking rate due to high demand for this exotic, endangered species. The trade is run by dangerous crime syndicates and cheetahs are trafficked in ways not unlike weapons or drugs. Cheetahs are sought after as exotic pets (though 85% of cubs captured by poachers die after being stolen from their mothers) or for their skins or dewclaw items.


Sadly, there are only 7,100 cheetahs left in the wild today.

Since wildlife criminals often operate free of punishment, the illegal cheetah trade is an attractive business with high reward and little risk. Together we can save the cheetah through putting a stop to this shameful practice; protecting the cheetah habitat; and working with ranchers in numerous ways to protect their livestock.

We urgently need YOUR help to keep this incredible animal in existence. You can be the difference needed to save the cheetah from extinction. Click here to donate.