Celebrate International Polar Bear Day!

76111_1000_1Today polar bears are listed as a threatened species in the United States under the Endangered Species Act. The main cause of this listing is climate change’s effect on the polar bear habitat. These bears need interconnected polar ice caps to get from one place to the next, but this sea ice is on its way out…and at an incredibly rapid pace! Combine this with a decrease in the seal population upon which they prey, and we now have the polar bear approaching extinction.

Today is International Polar Bear Day, and there is so much we can do together to help these amazing creatures. Through research and conservation of their habitats, we are working to protect polar bears. Due to harsh and distinct climates, researchers have struggled to effectively study these animals, so additional research is needed to fully understand what is happening to the polar bear, and what can be done to save them. This research will lead to the identification of which habitats to protect so the polar bear can have larger spaces for denning and raising cubs.

You can help. Through a donation to’s Signature Program, Project Peril, you can get polar bears the help they need to move off of the threatened species list and back to a safe existence. Click here to learn more.