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Protecting the Sea Lions

In recent years, more and more sea lions have been found entangled in nets and other fishing debris. Unfortunately, the discarding and abandoning of nets and other fishing gear are just one of many problems hurting, not only sea lions but a lot of the northern Gulf’s marine ecosystem. This can be attributed to a lack of solid-waste management and comprehensive regulations in the fishing industry and ocean temperatures that are warming as a result of man-made climate change, threatening the entire food web.

Thanks to your support,’s Project Peril attended a workshop set up by Centro Intercultural de Estudios de Desiertos y Océanos (Intercultural Center for Desert & Ocean Studies) in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora to train participants how to remove entangled debris from wild sea lions.

During the workshop, attendees were able to participate in the rescue of five sea lions. Participants included multiple Mexican state-level federal agencies, the Federal Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA), and the Secretariat of the Mexican Navy (SEMAR).

Many of these problems require integrated solutions and with your support, Project Peril hopes to partner with CEDO for a long-term, bottom-up approach. Your donations will fund future rescues and workshops to minimize the suffering and mortality of animals like the sea lion.