Pictures Capture Wildlife Population in Sonora

New pictures captured by’s Project Wildcat showcase the importance of big cats and other wildlife in the state of Sonora.

Ivonne Cassaigne, a wildlife veterinarian, works with the Project Wildcat and said these pictures are important to the program’s work.

“The more images we get of all the wildlife in the area, the more information we have about population numbers, environmental needs, and strategies we must develop,” Dr. Cassaigne said.

The fact is jaguars are slowly disappearing before our very eyes. The third-largest cat in the world can be found throughout the Americas, but habitat loss and human conflict have put the jaguar population in danger of extinction. In fact, it’s estimated that only 80 wild jaguars roam the Sonoran Desert today, where they once were the top predator.


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Project Wildcat’s goal is to protect the big cat species living in Sonora by working with ranchers and other locals to create a safe environment for all.

“Our lives are linked to a healthy environment and biodiversity,” she said.

The new pictures are exciting for Dr. Cassaigne and the team because they’re seeing more activity than usual, giving them more to study.

Project Wildlife’s mission is to see more wildlife while teaching humans how to successfully live side-by-side with wide-ranging carnivores like jaguars and we couldn’t do it without your help.