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Tigers Ready for New Life

You met Itza, Sombra, and their two cubs last summer when our partners, Animal Defenders International (ADI), rescued the family from a circus’ junkyard in Guatemala.

The cubs were named Max and Stripes by two lucky donors and now the family is ready to embark on its journey to freedom and safety at the ADI Wildlife Sanctuary (ADIWS) in South Africa.

The historic rescue mission by ADI, known as Operation Liberty, concludes on Sunday when a cargo aircraft will take off from Guatemala City carrying 12 tigers and 5 lions to a new life.

Since we first wrote about these abused circus lions and tigers in Guatemala, the ADI team has faced unimaginable obstacles getting them to the sanctuary. For 18 months ADI has been in Guatemala working with government officials to enforce a ban on animals in circuses that became law in 2018.  Over 20 lions and tigers were removed from circuses and have been cared for in a specially-built ADI Temporary Rescue Center until they could be relocated to sanctuaries. Now, the wait is over and it’s all thanks to your support!