Our Focus in Central & South America

The fauna of South America consists of a huge variety of unique species some of which evolved in relative isolation and is home to the largest number of recorded bird species. Overhunting and habitat destruction have seriously depleted populations of wildlife in much of South America. In fact, forest habitats are often destroyed if its inhabitants are not seen as valuable.

Our Amazon Rainforest Fire Relief Efforts

Often referred to as the lungs of our planet, the Amazon Rainforest provides 20% of the atmosphere’s oxygen and is home to over three million different species of plants and animals. In 2019 record-breaking fires set the Rainforest ablaze, destroying approximately 640 million acres.

These record-breaking wildfires along with record numbers of deforestation are putting the world’s most biodiverse area in danger as it approaches what scientists are calling an “irreversible tipping point.”

GreaterGood.org partnered with Rainforest Trust to help 220 indigenous communities gain legal protection over their land in Peru. When these communities are empowered to safeguard their home against deforestation, endangered species are protected for generations to come. Thanks to your donations, they will be able to fight back and preserve a critical area of 6 million acres currently at risk.

Photo courtesy of Rainforest Trust

Working to Protect Land in Argentina

One of our major conservation projects, representing over two years of work with our partner, Wildlife Conservation Society came to fruition early December of 2019. Ranchers in Payunia province in northern Patagonia, Argentina signed a resignation of rancher grazing rights document, adding 16,000 hectares of permanently protected habitat—home to the critically endangered Andean Cat, as well as migratory populations of guanacos, Darwin’s rheas, and Andean condors. In addition, this project was completed while simultaneously taking financial care of the descendants of goat herders in Payunia, so they will no longer need to remain in isolated lands that don’t properly support their livestock.

Photo courtesy of Jim Sanderson

Endangered Species in This Area


Throughout South and Central America, Tamarins are in danger of extinction. Project Peril works with reputable partners in South America to save critically endangered Tamarins by protecting habitat and securing protected areas.


These amazing animals might be thriving, but species like the three-toed sloth are endangered due to habitat loss created by humans. Currently, we're working to protect endangered sloths that live in the Amazon rainforest.

Andean Mountain Cats

The Andean Cat is one of the rarest cats in the world, living exclusively in the Andes Mountains and Patagonia steppe, where climates are harsh and food is scarce. We are supporting conservation efforts to protect the habitat of this majestic creature.

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Save the Ocean

With your support, we work to support trash cleanups, support conservation, and put a stop to illegal fishing practices.

Plant a Tree

We work with our partners around the world to combat habitat loss and plant trees where they are most needed. Join us!