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Asian Elephant

Scientific Name: Elephas maximus

Asian elephants are the largest mammals in Asia, weighing up to 5 tons. With a large body comes a large appetite — Asian elephants can eat up to 300 pounds per day of plants and grasses! However, Asian elephant population has declined by over 50% in just three decades. Asian elephants have lost much of their natural habitat to deforestation and agriculture, and are a huge target for ivory poachers. In addition, many Asian elephants are forced into captivity, where they spend their days chained and forced to work in the logging, trekking, and tourism industries.

Photos by Fauna & Flora International

population in the wild
< 50,000

Our Partners

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International Elephant Foundation

The International Elephant Foundation is committed to creating a future where elephants thrive. Our projects focus on habitat protection, patrols, scientific programs, research, and awareness in order to build a sustainable future for African and Asian elephants. In Sumatra, Indonesia, IEF supports Conservation Response Units (CRUs) comprised of wildlife rangers, mahouts, and trained elephants, who all work together to secure safe habitat for wild herds and build a community consensus for conservation

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora International acts to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, based on sound science and take account of human needs. FFI has been a leader in conservation in Cambodia since 1996 by assisting conservation efforts nationwide, with a focus on the Cardamom Mountains of Southwest Cambodia. The Cambodian Elephant Conservation Group (CECG) is a joint initiative of Fauna & FIora International (FFI) and the Royal Government of Cambodia’s Ministry of Environment, and Forestry Administration, working to conserve the country’s elephants.

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