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Scientific Name: Panthera Onca

Jaguars are the biggest cat in the Americas, famous for their speed and stealth.  However, Jaguars now occupy just 46% of their historic range.   Deforestation has both destroyed jaguar habitat and made Jaguars an easier target for hunters and poachers. Today, they are facing extinction in the arid deserts of northern Mexico, as well as parts of Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.


Photos by and Eric Kilby

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Project Wildcat (

Project Wildcat, a Signature Program of, is working with ranchers in Sonora, Mexico to protect the majestic jaguar and other endangered species. In partnership with Primero Conservation, Project Wildcat will establish a 35,000 acre wildlife corridor in this critical region, allowing all predators (and prey) freedom to roam. In doing so, Project Wildcat is helping ranchers protect their land and keep jaguars safe.

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