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Chinese pangolin

Scientific Name: Manis Pentadactyla

Pangolins or ‘scaly anteaters’ are a group of unusual mammals with protective scales and long, sticky tongues. Pangolins are also the most trafficked wild mammal in the world – over one million were killed over the past decade. This is the equivalent of a pangolin poached every 5 minutes. The Chinese Pangolin is one of the two most endangered species of pangolins. The species is heavily hunted within China and bordering countries for its meat, considered a delicacy, and for its skin and scales, used in traditional Chinese medicine. The level of illegal poaching is so high that Chinese pangolins are predicted to decline by approximately 90% over the next three decades, despite laws that protect it.


population trend
critically endangered

Sunda Pangolin

Scientific Name: Manis javanica

The Sunda pangolin is the other most threatened species of pangolin, found in Southeast Asia. They face many of the same threats as the Chinese pangolin. It is estimated to have declined by up to 80 per cent over the past 20 years due primarily to high levels of hunting and poaching for its meat and scales. Poaching is primarily driven by exports to China, though some local consumption and utilization also take place across the species’ range, including in Thailand. For an animal that has just one (occasionally two) young per year, this rate is unsustainable.  They have a projected continuing decline of over 80% over the next three decades.


Photos by Save Vietnam’s Wildlife and Zoological Society of London

population trend
critically endangered

Our Projects (2017)

With the support of our generous donors, Project Peril funded projects that address the following critical issues:

Illegal Wildlife Trade in Vietnam

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife is working to successfully rescue, rehabilitate, and release pangolins confiscated from the illegal trade. Pangolins are notoriously difficult to keep alive in captivity, so support is crucial for adequate food and shelter.

Illegal Wildlife Trade in Thailand

Zoological Society of London are protecting pangolins by training managers and rangers to rapidly assess poaching risks, monitor wildlife and efficiently direct rangers to respond accordingly in five protected areas in Western Thailand.

Our Partners

When you give through Project Peril, you know your money is going directly to the best wildlife conservation organizations.

Zoological Society of London

The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) is an international scientific, conservation and educational charity whose mission is to promote and achieve the worldwide conservation of animals and their habitats. ZSL launched a two-year Pangolin Conservation Initiative in June 2015. The project is helping to protect four species of pangolin – the giant, black-bellied, white-bellied and Sunda pangolins - through supporting protected area management and law enforcement at key sites in Cameroon and Thailand. The project is also working to understand and reduce demand for pangolin products in China.

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife

Save Vietnam’s Wildlife (SVW) is led by Vietnamese who are working to stop the extinction and champion the recovery of threatened species in Vietnam. SVW is entirely responsible for saving pangolins in Vietnam, as well as contributing to pangolin conservation globally. SVW works with government to change legislation, improve law enforcement, and secure habitat for pangolins and other carnivores. They are also working with schools and local communities to reduce demand and protect wildlife habitat. Since 2014, SVW has rescued and cared for over 300 individual pangolins and carnivores before releasing them back to the wild.

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