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Shortfin Mako

Scientific Name: Isurus oxyrinchus

Shortfin makos are thought to be the world’s fastest shark, swimming at speeds greater than 40 mph. They aren’t fast enough, however, to out-swim fishing vessels, which is a problem because this species is highly sought after and very under-protected. Mako sharks are highly valued by both commercial and recreational fishermen. Their fins are sent to Asia for use in shark fin soup. Shortfin makos are among the sharks most prized for their meat. They often leap clear out of the water when hooked, making them a popular sportfish.

Photos by Shark Advocates International and Wildlife Conservation Society

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Our Projects (2017)

With the support of our generous donors, Project Peril funded projects that address the following critical issues:

Human-Wildlife Conflict in US, Canada, and EU

Shark Advocates International is working with policymakers to stop unregulated fishing for Atlantic Mako Sharks and establish catch limits.

Our Partners

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Shark Advocates International is a project of The Ocean Foundation dedicated to science-based conservation of sharks and rays. SAI works collaboratively to publicize the species’ plight and secure sound limits on fishing and trade. President Sonja Fordham, an award-winning advocate, has been at the forefront of most major U.S. and international shark and ray policy achievements. She is an active member of the IUCN Shark Specialist Group and many relevant advisory panels.

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