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Scientific Name: Panthera Tigris

The tiger, known for its stunning stripes and white belly, is the largest cat in the world. Yet these mighty tigers are experiencing a rapid population decline. Of the nine subspecies of tiger that used to exist, only five remain – all threatened with extinction.   Human population growth and sea-level rise have largely pushed tigers out of their historic habitat. Tiger poaching is rampant as their pelts are valuable on the black market and their body parts are used in traditional Asian medicines. Some scientists predict that tigers could all be extinct in the wild within the next decade.

Photos by Phoenix Fund in Russia and Wildlife Conservation Society

population in the wild
under 4,000

Our Partners

When you give through Project Peril, you know your money is going directly to the best wildlife conservation organizations.

Rainforest Trust

Rainforest Trust helps to purchase and protect threatened tropical forests and critical habitat for endangered wildlife by partnering with local and community organizations in and around the threatened areas. After we safeguard the endangered land, we empower local people to help protect it by offering them education, training and employment. Through these highly effective partnerships, we can ensure sustainable results necessary for the long-term protection of tropical ecosystems and the wildlife they hold.

Phoenix Fund in Russia

Phoenix Fund (Фонд "Феникс") is a Russian wildlife and forest conservation organization serving regions of the Russian Far East. This area includes globally significant biodiversity, including the Amur leopard, Siberian tiger, and other predators, as well as a number of recognized protected areas. Through a combination of law enforcement, public relations, ecology, and biology, the Phoenix Fund team collectively brings unique strength and insight to its mission to protect and halt the poaching and illegal trafficking of the endangered wildlife of the Russian Far East.

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